Wednesday, 21 September 2011


When there is a loss of dharma and there is extreme of evil, then to save the devotees and establish dharma, God incarnate. Whatever the picture we make in our mind, accordingly we see him in that form.We must think about him with full belief and  respect.
We must practice to forget every thing during his prayer and even whenever we think about him. Like various great Saints, if we always sinks in deep thinking about his various activities and remember him in every seconds of our life. Then  there is nothing in the world which can stop us to come closer to him.
Like a child whenever he weep, his mother  immediately take the child in her lap and child feels love and affection in the lap of his mother. Similarly, God loves us if we leave every thing to him and surrender all our activities to him with full faith and belief.
First of all make your heart and mind neat and clean , no evil things comes to your mind and  let go all sins  and always think about him, leave every things on his shoulder and  fully relies on him then see God will take you to closer to  him  and will always stand with you in every moment of life and in every difficult situation.

Monday, 29 August 2011


                                          FAITH  IN  GOD

God has created this world,  he had created every thing including human being. Human being is different to all other  creation of almighty. He has blessed human being  with a brain to think. We must  thank him for his great gift. There are different ways to thank  to him and one of them is Faith in God.  We must have full faith in almighty.

He  is always with us he is very closer to us . There is no place in the world where we do not find him because he is residing in each and every thing. He is almighty he can do every thing ,  with his blessing  no difficulties can comes  in life.

Always Faith in him, his power and always try to depend on him,  leave every thing to him and remember his name only, there is nothing in the world which we can not  achieve  with the blessing of him. 

The main aim of our life is to come closer to him and  we must try to come closer to him by remembering his name, his blessings, and  having full faith on him.


Thursday, 25 August 2011


                                                     Lord Krishna’s   child hood
Krihna was brought up in Gokul along with his elder brother Balram who had taken birth from the womb of Rohni in the house of Nand ji and Yashoda. Kans send many monsters to Gokul to kill  Krishna but Krishna killed all the monsters like Putna, Shaktasur,Vatyachakra. Lord Krishna (Kanha) begin to walk slowly all the Gokul filled with happiness and joy.

Kanha(the another name of Krishna) along with his friends visits every home in Gokul and  steal butter and breaks the utensils of  Gopies  he picked the Goverdan Parvat on his finger and killed Kalia nag in Yamuna.

Kans again send monsters to Gokul to kill   Krishna, but he killed all the monsters  ie. Bakasur,,Batsasur, Pralamb,Aghasur, Mayputar etc. Kans was very afraid after hearing the actions of him. He prepared a plan  and send Akrur( the uncle of  Krishna) to Gokul and requested them to visit Mathura.

Krishna along with Balram came to Mathura and broke the bow of  Lord Shiva which was given to Kans by  Shiva. Kans was having very proud because he was the only person who could lift the bow. On hearing the news of breaking up of  bow by Krishna, Kans prepared the field of wrestling and invite Krishna for wrestling with his wrestlers like Chanur, Mushtik and others.

 Krishna along with Balram killed all the wrestlers of Kans and caught Kans from hairs and throw him to grounds in front of  public and killed Kans with his punches.

After the death of Kans, Ugarsen was released from prison and made king of Mathura again.  Krishna also released his parent i.e. Devki and Vasudev from imprisonment and brought them to palace and lived with them. 



                                                        LORD KRISHNA

After the marriage of Devki and Vasudev, Kansa was pulling chariot of  Devki and Vasudev with great joy because his loving sister was leaving for her new home i.e.Laws. Suddenly, he was surprised with a loud voice that came  from Sky “ the 8th son of  this girl (Devki) will kill  you”. Kans was  very strong and powerful, but on hearing this voice he immediately drew his sword and try to kill Devki . Vasudev  who always speak truth promised Kans to give his all children immediately after their birth.

Kans immediately put both Devki and Vasudev to imprisonment and also arrest  his father king Ugarsen who showed  his resentments for arrest of Devki and Vasudev. After arrest of  Ugarsen, Kans became king of Mathura.

Soon giving birth to her first child, Kans killed the new born child by throwing the baby  on the  rock . One after another Kans killed the six  new born children of Devki. Lord Sheshnag came as a seventh child of Devki. On the directions of Lord Vishnu Yogmaya, the power of Lord Vishnu,  immediately traction the same  to the womb of Devi Rohni in Gukul.

At last the time come, Shri Krishna took birth from the womb  of Devki on the month of  Badro ashtami. At midnight, it was very heavy raining, all the sky was over casted with black clouds, lightening and thunder storms were making a deadly noise. Suddenly, a bright light appears in the jail, all the soldiers and guard felled unconscious, Lord Krishna took birth, immediately after birth of child, Vasudev took him to the house of Nand in Gokul. Yashoda the wife of  Nand was also given birth to a daughter at the same time. Vasudev replace his child with that girl and came back to jail in  Mathura. Soon after Vasudev return from Gokul the guards regain their conscious and on hearing the weeping of  new born baby informed Kans regarding the birth of child in jail. As Kans tried to kill that girl child by  throwing her  on the rock, the child slips from his hands and changed herself as Yogmaya and told Kans that the child who will kill him has already taken birth and  Kans will be killed by him at the appropriate time.

Friday, 19 August 2011

Find the God


God has given us various amenities of life, life full of joy and happiness. All comforts of  life which we are having, are only due to his blessings.

We must thanks him for his blessings and valuable gifts provided to us to live comfortable life without any  fear, any difficulties . We can thanks him  in many ways and one of the way  is “Prayer”.

Sit alone, close your eyes, fix your inner eyes  to the beautiful face  of almighty  which is full of strange light , smile and kindness and starts pray to him. “Oh my almighty,   I am your son,  full of guilty and sins, do not know how to pray and  also not  know which thing  is useful for me  and which is not. My Lord(Krishna) you know better what are the things which are beneficent for me and whatever is right for me,  give to me and takes all  useless things from my life so that I can find you and get your company, Oh Krishna  give me moksha(to get relief from cycle of Death and Birth)”. 

We  must have full faith towards God because the pray having full faith towards him leads us  to open the ways of coming closer to him. Those who have full faith  and Love to him  never falls , never deviate from the their path, because he is there to help them and to take them out from  every difficulties and always  keep them away from all types of sins.

Those who have full faith to him never think to hurt anybody and never do the sins, because he is always with them to help and forgive them.

We have not come here to just enjoy but the ultimate goal to find him and get moksha .We can get moksha only if, we come closer to him. We must remember him. We always thinks about him and do our works,  thinking every time thorough our breath through our mind ,  to help the poor and needy persons.

We must pray to him.

Sunday, 14 August 2011

love towards GOD

Love towards God

The main aim of life is to find the God in order to get rid of the cycle of Birth and death. We can find him in many ways and one of the major step is  to love to almighty. We can get closer to God by loving him without any wants, results etc. We must love to him likes true lover, like Gopies in Vrindavan who always  see the Lord Krishna closer to them, doing all their works, stealing their butter, teasing them, they enjoyed fully  with  such actions of him.

Right from morning to evening they(Gopies) always think about him, eagerly wait for him so that he can steal their butter and milk alongwith his friends . They thinks themselves as their devotee and always tried to come closer to Krishna. He always respected  their feelings  and looks after them and help them in time of need.

There is nothing in the world is as greatest than love & love that  comes towards superpower. God is almighty and to find him is very very difficult. Many saints(Rishi Munies) spends thousands of their years  and many of their births to find him. But  one can find him easily by loving him & his creations.  Such Love must be without wants and demands.

Once love towards owner of the universe comes in the mind, one could not see any things except him. He feel the owner  in every things which comes in touch with him. Thinking always about him and its beautiful creations , thanks for his blessings. There will be no limit of love towards God. There will be no wants because whenever there is want there will be no real  love. There is no limit for love.

A person who gets his true love , no rules, regulations can bind him for loving almighty and his creations. The power of love automatically  bless  the quality of  sacrifice to him, because  the 2nd meaning of love is sacrifice. Love is a path of moksha. The power of love can bind him to think about his lover. God always care about his lover in every  step of life so that he  should not  deviate from his path. Lover see him in   his dreams, breath, every inches of his life  and  every creations of him.

Such things take a person towards God, towards  Moksha i.e relief from death and birth.

Tuesday, 12 July 2011


Early in the morning when few  stars in the sky twinkles, few birds begin to speak,   cool breeze blows every where, total  calmness  spread everywhere. Wake up and  leave the bed, come to the open land  &  just open your eyes you will feel an extra ordinary  calmness spread in the universe.

Enjoy the feeling of  fresh  and cool breeze coming from every side, deeper  you  breath your  body will  filled with happiness. Just sit and close your eyes you will feel the existence of God every where.  Think about the him  and  slow and slow control your mind , forget about all other problems and feel the light of  almighty  in  your heart. Concentrate on that light, starts feeling the existence of God every where, in the blood that circulates in our  body, in the charming sound coming from all sides.

Pray to him for his blessings, for the eyes with the help of  which we can see the beautiful world, for the ears with the help of which we can hear charming sounds, for the hands with the help of which we are able to help the mankind and  for the healthy brain with the help of which we can be able to think  about the almighty.